Magnetic Box Makeover

This lovely little creation has been submitted to:

Tim Holtz Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge at

I used one of my Studio Calico magnetic hinged subscription box and covered it with cloud paper.
Here is step one, gathering material.

I place the paper on the box and score the edges so I know where to cut.
Being mindful of which way they clouds are facing.

I cut two - one for top and bottom. Then I cut the sides using the same method.

Opening the box, I measure the side panels and cut.

This is the magnet side - see them behind the paper? I chose not to cover this side.
I have done it in the past and the seal is compromised a bit.

Time to place all the paper on the box. I use double sided tape. I've tried Modge Podge before and it just doesn't stick after awhile.
I just run tape along the inside edges to hold the paper down.

I use Washi tape to trim around the edges. I use a wide tape so I can wrap it sufficiently to hold the edges of the paper too.

I chose two types for this project. The butter fly and the chevron tapes.
See how I run the tape around the edges. 

I cover all the edges for uniformity.

I had a burlap butterfly I bought on clearance after Christmas at Hobby Lobby so I chose to use it for this project.
I glued the butterfly down using tacky glue and I used two glue dots to hold the antennae in place.
I also used two sided tape to hold down some lace that I had on hand.

Finished Product!

I did not take pictures of all the steps as I was not sure exactly how it would turn out and I kept changing my mind!
A woman's prerogative! So I will explain what I did:
1) I sprayed the flowers with mist and sprinkled with red glitter.
2) I used some spray mist to color the roses, the hearts and the butterfly body.
3) I used glitter on the edges of the the hearts and the butterfly.
4) I crinkled up the butterfly body to give it depth and added a gathered piece of lace (used Tim Holtz tiny stapler) and glued it with Tacky Glue behind the butterfly.
5) I glued sequins to the butterfly wings and glued a shiny red dot to the top heart and a shiny blue dot to the butterfly head.
6) I added a wish sticker, a little ribbon bow, a star under with and a star above the butterfly, and a key by the hearts.
7) I added a flair button to the bottom right corner
8) Finally I sprayed the box in places with brown mist to give it an aged look.

How do you like it?

Project Life Organization

Since I started this Project Life scrapbooking I have gone wild buying all the cards and kits and embellishments and and and - ha ha! I'm definitely addicted. I just love all the colors and themes that so many creative women have created for this style of scrapbooking.

I started a few pages and very quickly found that it was taking too much time to go through all the beautiful cards to find the perfect one to showcase the photos. I found that mostly what I was doing was using complimentary colors for each page. So I decided to organize my stuff by color.

I started by purchasing the Michael's Recollections Wheeled Cart on clearance! Most purchase the Raskog Cart from Ikea and since mine was on clearance I'm not sure they have them anymore. So here is a picture of the Raskog.
Ikea's Raskog Cart $49.99 Comes in Aqua, Beige, Black
I love having my supplies in sight and available by rolling it next to me when doing my work! So here is a picture of my cart. 

I used the plastic inserts that come with the Project Life core kits to hold my cards. The 4 x 6 cards are standing in the back. I cut out dividers from White Cardboard that came with some of my supplies (repurpose always!). I made them 1/4 inch taller and used my Brother labeler to make the titles for each card. 

The categories I used are: Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, Black, Multi, Pink, Pics, Words, Calendars/Seasons. For the smaller cards I used one of the color for that category and raised it 1/4 inch by taping a scrap to the bottom. 

This is the second shelf and note that I have some extra space at the back and on the sides. I store my 6x8 cards there and a few other things I use regularly.

This is the 3rd tier of cards.

for the mini kits that I did not want to separate because of their "specialty" I attached a strip of scrap joining front and back to create a Pocket to store the matching cards for each set.  I also labeled the top so I can easily identify which kit it is. 

The final view of my cart. I love it!  How do you store yours?

Project Life New Album

I've been working on an album for my daughter to give to her for her college graduation. I can just imagine how much fun it will be for her to look back on all her special occasions and memories that made her the beautiful, talented, and special person she has become.

I wanted it to be very special and commemorative while giving her a very grounded sense of family and love. Something that she could rely on to lift her spirits any time she wishes.

I chose Project Life as a means to tell her story. I just love all the pocket scrapbooking materials out there and this method is easy and creative.

The Photo Book. I chose Orange as one of her favorite colors. This is a Project Life 12 x 12 binder and I used vinyl initials from Hobby Lobby on the spline. I plan to title it "Simply Me".

Inside I used the different pocket pages based on the photos I had and their orientation. I chose the 4x6 and 3x4 cards based on colors to compliment the photos. I had photos printed at Shutterfly and I also printed some on my Cannon Selphy.

Here are a few of my favorite layouts:

This is the Disney Page. I used some flair buttons and stickers and used polka dot cards and bright colors that scream fun and Disney!  I still have journaling and more embellishing to do on the blank cards.

This is her receiving her electronic piano and as you can see was very serious about her music! I have not finished any journalling and only started the embellishments on the pages. I will post more after I get them all done.  I used Paper Studio stickers on these photos.

She loved getting her face painted, so much so that I taught myself how to do it and bought all the supplies. I painted every kid's face at her birthday party one year!

You don't have to just do pocket layouts, you can still do the 12 x 12 paper layouts and slip them into the full page cover to add to the album.  I did these next three just like that.

Continuing the Disney theme, I used washi tape on the bottom of the page and a flair button up in the upper left hand corner.

I mentioned that I wanted her to remember her heritage and this page is a tribute to her grandma, my mom, who passed away. She loved roses. 

These are her great grandparents, my mom's mother and father. I love the way this one turned out. The sepia photo looks really good on the yellow paper and I added strip to put their names on and Washi tape at the bottom. I also used metal photo corners from Michaels and it just made the photo look so rich.

These are a few of my favorite photos of her. The one in the bottom right pocket is her artwork. A pin point recreation of herself from the photo above it.  The beautiful picture of her by the piano was when she went to her high school prom. She was gorgeous in that dress!  The fantasy photo is one my husband created of her.

This is her HS Graduation and soon we'll be adding her college graduation!

She is studying to be a storyboarder and is hoping to land an internship with Nickelodeon. We are keeping our fingers crossed!  She has always been a big cosplay fan and continued every Halloween to go above and beyond to get the perfect costume to express herself. I love her individualism and imagination!  She even got me to go to a Very Ludo Christmas in Chicago and we had an absolute blast!

Once we get back from her graduation I will create another page and send it to her. I hope she will continue adding to the album always updating her story!

Project Life Box Repurpose

The Project Life boxes are so nice I hate to throw them away!
I was in one of the groups on Facebook and saw someone had covered the box with paper and uses it to store her kids school art. So, yes of course, I just had to try it.

I loved it so much I made 3 in one day. A friend of mine brought me some Letters for me to do my "Art" thing on and I thought making the boxes to put the letters in would be a nice plus!

She absolutely loved them so I am sharing just how I created them here!

This is the 3rd box that I completed and the steps on how to make it:


1. First, this is what the box looks like after the product is taken out.

2. Pull the plastic insert out and keep the white card stock that is under it. Using Modge Podge and a foam brush add a layer to the bottom and place the white card stock inside. I tried using fancy paper but the glue line that was there to hold the plastic container showed through.

3. Then I pulled out 3 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper and cut each sheet to measure 10 1/2 inches by 11 1/4 inches. I used the Once upon a Time Stack.

4. I then found one page of scrapbook paper that would compliment the other three sheets and cut out 2 strips 1 5/8 wide by 11 6/8 long for the front and back sides and 2 strips 1 5/8 wide by 10 1/2 long for the sides.

5. Using the Modge Podge and foam brush cover the top with a layer and be sure not to miss a spot or the paper will bubble. 

6. Do the same for the bottom and the inside cover.

7. Then pick out a complimentary washi tape to use to go around all the edges.  This will help keep the edges of the paper from coming up and it makes a nice finish. I wrapped it on all edges and corners of the whole box. 

8. Finishing touches! Decorate using embellishments. I used some stickers that I had picked up on clearance at Big Lots a while back.

and don't forget the inside!

I used this gem on the inside cover.
Then I decorated the front a bit more with some flowers, banner, lace, dots, and stickers with my name!

I think it turned out very cute! I'm going to purchase some jewelry trays to put inside to hold all my earings!

What do you think?

Project Life Secret Sister

I recently found an outstanding Facebook group that introduced me to Project Life.  Project Life is a scrap booking method that was designed by Becky Higgins to make scrap booking story telling easier and more of a journaling process throughout the year. Here are a few pics from Becky's site:

These are the "Core Kits" and there are many to choose from. 
They have decorated 4x6 and 3x4 cards printed on both sides enabling you to slip them into pockets that fit in a 12x12 ringed binder.

The kits make it easy to choose a color scheme and some fun "worded" cards or "graphics" that create a themed layout of sorts.

This journaling page was made for HSN while they were promoting the new "Happy Core Kit"

There are even subscriptions that you can join to receive a monthly kit that includes a mini kit of the journaling cards, stickers, washi tape, and other embellishments that help you add more life and dimension to your pages! 

One particular group that I love is the Studio Calico one. 
I belong to the monthly subscription for Project Life. 
I love getting my little kit every month filled with enough stuff to keep me journaling until the next kit arrives.  The kit for April shown above is called "Bluegrass Farm" and has some very cute stamps and cards that look like so much fun! Can't wait until it arrives.

Another fun group that I joined did a secret sister swap. 75 women from across the globe got together to secretly swap packages of goodies between them for a period of 3 months. We are just now going into our 2nd month and it has been fun!  I've really enjoyed it so much that I started my own group called "Project Life Secret Sister" and am looking for people that would like to commit to doing this with me!  

If you are interested, please click on the picture and you will be directed to the group. Take a look at the purpose and guidelines and then like and send me a private message or leave a comment. I'm hoping to have enough people to start May 1st. 
The basics are that once a month you send your secret sister a package of goodies (scrapbook related) that is $15-$20 in value (before shipping) and you also receive a package. This continues for 3 months and then the Big Reveal of who your secret sister is!  There is a questionaire that you fill out so your secret sister will know you a bit better and vice versa so you are able to send things that fit the bill!  During the months you post on FB questions and other things that you communicate through the group hoping your secret sister will also post!  It has been really fun and I hope you will join me!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will get back with your!

Using your Imagination

Remember role playing when you were younger? During the summer getting all the leftover school supplies and playing school with they neighbor kids? Or "shopping" in your mom's kitchen just like you were at the grocery store? We would play and play all day long and then into the night. We let our imaginations go wild!  Time was not a factor in our playing. We would pick up the next day just where we left off. I'm not so sure that kids today use their imagination as much as we did back then.  Too many electronic toys and games are available for kids today and it really makes them grow up so fast.

We also played lots of board games. Those were always fun and I remember when I was finally old enough to play Monopoly. It was like a right of passage.

I particularly liked playing mouse trap. I had more fun setting up the game than actually playing it though!

I loved playing battleship. To me this was just like being out on the sea in the middle of a battle.

How much fun it was to play Life. This game was a little more of a responsible game though. Having babies and taking care of the family was fun for awhile.

How fun was it pretending you were the doctor of a very unfortunate clown man that was very electrified if you happen to slip and touch the sides - yowza!

Other games I remember playing that were hours of fun: 
Stratego, Tripoley, The Dating Game, Masterpiece, Clue, Chinese Checkers, and so many more.

I wonder if the kids today actually use their imagination as much as we did.  I sure hope so!

What was your favorite game?